Leadership Development

IMG_8975-362x600What is the value of a leadership strategy?
A Leadership Profile?

Common definitions
Handle on required needs for the future
View of the strengths of the enterprise

Working with leading businesses on design and delivery of pipeline programs and learning expeditions.

Objectives: build capability to prepare for the future, create forums to change the conversation, connect leadership to the front-line, develop talent to take on more complex roles…

What’s a pipeline program?
A talent pipeline is a phrase coined by .
It’s the point at which good succession planning

When thinking about leadership development, there are two broad considerations (1) what are the various methods we ought to consider given the

Case 1:

Case 2:

A POV to consider:

Individual Development
Careers rarely straight paths
It’s the hardships that best prepare us and build emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence is a decent measure of our ability to deal with uncertainty, ambiguity and change
Moments of adversity are learning moments