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Change Management and Transformation

There is a difference between change management and transformation, although the words are often used together. In our view, change management is more about building the systems and structures that deliver change and managing the streams of work to get there. Change management programs are often plotted out over a defined stretch of time. Transformation, on the other hand, is more often about changing behaviors in order to change how work gets done and by changing how work gets done, ultimately changing how the organization performs. In this sense, transformation takes more time and requires a longer term commitment on the part of leadership to maintain momentum and make change last.  At c2c, we focus on both.

The greatest challenge in change is not in deciding to change but in finding the best way to do it. There is no one right approach, but the sequencing of initiatives matters. Deciding which initiatives can be linked to amplify impact makes a difference. So does having a point of view on how and when to accelerate change and what capabilities most need to be developed.

Launching successful transformations require leaders to work in new ways. It means actively managing resistance and diversity. It means words and actions must concretely line up. It requires leaders to connect the work at the top to the work at the front line. Above all, it means communicating over and over again. It is the point at which all the work of c2c—trusted advisory, executive team alignment, organization effectiveness and integrated talent management—come together.