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Executive Team Alignment and Organization Effectiveness

Lack of alignment at the top is one of the greatest sources of frustration we hear from senior leaders. It is also one of the greatest limitations to any initiative designed to deliver change. It zaps energy and limits potential.

For the leader, getting the right people to the table, engaging them in the right conversation and extending change to all corners of the organization is critical to success. But focusing on executive team alignment without paying attention to how the organization functions is work done in a vacuum. At c2c, we pay attention to how the executive team functions and how the organization they lead is fit to deliver the strategy. Putting the two together—developing the team at the top and engaging them in improving how the organization functions—provides the necessary foundation for designing and implementing great strategies.

Some of the most common challenges we address with top teams include making sure direction is clear, that decision-making is effective, and that the team is set up to drive execution. We work together to design a productive approach to dealing with conflict and managing the risks associated with change. We also bring extensive experience to challenges associated with succession management, executive assessment, merger integration and culture change.