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Executive Coaching and Trusted Advisory

Coaching is increasingly recognized globally for the impact it can have on changing everyday behaviors to improve performance—introducing the kind of conversation into an otherwise busy week that helps you look at issues from different angles, expand options and improve outcomes. Trusted Advisory, on the other hand, as we practice it, suggests a different kind of conversation—one in which relevant experience and expertise are applied to the challenge at hand. It suggests something beyond a view of individual performance alone to performance in context:  To what extent is strategic direction clear at all levels? Are the right decisions being made or are you still covering the same ground? How do you maintain momentum? How do you ensure change—whether at the individual or enterprise level—is sustainable and sticks?

Whether it’s coaching or trusted advisory (and we do both), it should represent a welcome break in the course of a day to engage in a conversation that’s interesting, challenging and motivating—and above all, one that leads faster to the results you want most to achieve.